Stick Wars 2

Stick Wars 2 is a real time strategy game that is very popular. It is a sequel to the addictive game of Stick Wars 1, which also gained a lot of popularity. This is a online game with fast paced action. In Stick Wars 2, all the characters have stick like features with different soldiers that you can command like miners, archers, wizards, and other characters such as throwers of spears, giants, and clerics.

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Some of the newest characters are Shadowraths with special ninja powers and the Albowtross, which shoots crossbows. This game also contains some bad characters that are able to turn army characters to stone.

In this game, there is no controlling a single battlefield of soldiers. Your mouse is used to control your warriors and other units together at the same time. You can use special commands like pressing a key to turn an item off or on, which comes in handy. Along with using normal combat players, you will need to improve all their cities and defenses through the process of making various buildings. You will find that the buildings like Giants Paradise and also Mage Guild allows for updates and special training. When playing the Stick Wars 2 game online you will need to register first before starting to play. The registration is free and you just need to make up a username so that other players can see who you are when chatting in the sessions. You can talk about your experiences with other players in the forums and share the creations that you make.

Stick Wars 2, is a fun game that has a countryside in chaos that you must take on. The subjects in the game have rebelled and are joining together with others, so you must make sure to protect your borders; tame chaos forces, and create more unity within the nation.

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